Our team

Enoch Greenfield

Enoch is a senior writer with a dedication and commitment to covering all types of news in Rockwall. From breaking news to community events and crime investigations, Enoch provides valuable insight through his coverage.

Enoch’s articles can be found here.

James Brown

James, a Rockwall native, writes for Rockwall News, offering insightful journalism on local and Texas politics, government, and community matters.

James’ articles can be found here.

Sarah Rodriguez

At Rockwall News, Sarah leads the news desk, overseeing every piece that is published. Leveraging her prior experience, she assists others in articulating their stories clearly.

Sarah’s articles can be found here.

William Wilson 

William, a junior writer, recently embarked on his journalism career. Being young, he is dedicated to reporting news promptly as events unfold.

William’s articles can be found here.