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Land and Sea Travel in Rockwall – Ribbon cutting event planned for early November

Rockwall, Texas – Land and Sea Travel is opening new office in Rockwall, Texas as soon as early next month. The company, known for making its clients’ travel dreams come true, will hold a special ribbon cutting event on November 9 with the support of Rockwall Chamber of Commerce.

Land and Sea Travel invites everyone to join the Rockwall event

People from the area and important people will meet at the agency’s new location at 697 E Interstate 30 from 11:30 AM to 12:00 PM CST. The Rockwall Area Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring the fun event, which will include refreshments, special gifts, and an inspiring talk by Laurie Smith from AMA Waterways, a well-known figure in the worlds of luxury travel and cruises.

People of Rockwall and surrounding areas already know Land and Sea Travel for their top-notch service in travel planning. With the new office in Rockwall, local residents can conveniently visit Land and Sea Travel and let the experts plan their tailored one-of-a-kind travel experiences by taking into account each client’s specific needs. This includes but it’s not limited to accommodations, budgetary limits, and personal preferences.

Land and Sea Travel thinks that traveling should be easy to get to, fun, and most of all, stress-free. The Land and Sea Travel team is dedicated to providing regular advice and help that goes beyond just booking tickets. From making sure there are cheap flight choices to making sure there are comfortable places to stay. Land and Sea Travel takes care of all the little things so their clients can just enjoy the trip.

The company offers various types of travel services

The agency takes a broad approach, giving clients first-hand access to great global sites, luxurious cruises, and stays that feel like home in other countries. They use a huge network of resources to make sure that their vacation packages offer both amazing experiences and great value. Often, they can beat the prices of competitors and online booking tools.

Compared to its competitors, Land and Sea Travel is different because they plan each and every single detail of a trip in effort to make their clients’ vacation dreams come true. Many parts of the world have yet to be discovered, and the company is excited to help their clients have these life-changing experiences.

The Ribbon Cutting event will not only mark the opening of a new office, but it will also be a sign for people who want to travel that they can have educational, exciting, and soul-nourishing experiences. Land and Sea Travel promises to plan the trip of a lifetime for dreamers, explorers, and life fans who want to see the world through a new lens and make their holiday dreams come true.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit company’s website at https://www.landandseatravel.com/.

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William Wilson

William, a junior writer, recently embarked on his journalism career. He is dedicated to reporting news promptly as events unfold.

William Wilsonhttps://rockwall.news
William, a junior writer, recently embarked on his journalism career. He is dedicated to reporting news promptly as events unfold.


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