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“Scare on the Square” event is taking place in Rockwall this weekend

Rockwall, Texas – The city of Rockwall is getting ready for the “Scare on the Square” event set to take place this weekend, and all the Rockwall residents are invited with their pets for a festive Halloween theme atmosphere.

“Scare on the Square” event is set to take place in Rockwall on Saturday, October 28

People can be enchanted on October 28 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Pet owners in Rockwall are encouraged to come to downtown Rockwall because the event will provide lots of fun for families, pet owners, and kids. Several events, including the pet parade and the scary treats, guarantee quality time spent this weekend.

Scare on the Square brings together families and businesses from the area for a memorable Halloween celebration. This year, the event is in the middle of the city at San Jacinto Plaza. The Scare on the Square event will turn downtown Rockwall into a place where scary and happy things can happen. The event is planned to take place at the historic courthouse parking lot and along San Jacinto Street.

Pet owners are encouraged to dress up their pets in Halloween costumes

People are encouraged to dress up their four-legged friends in their cutest Halloween costumes for the much-anticipated pet parade, which is one of the best parts of the event. Also, both kids and pets can enjoy a variety of activities, such as a scary hay maze, a charming train ride, and, of course, trick-or-treating, which is an important Halloween ritual.

Huge thanks to Rockwall business and groups for sponsoring the event

At this year’s event, more than twenty shops and businesses are set up and ready to give candy and treats to all the little witches, superheroes, and princesses. Local businesses like Mills Mercantile, Hanby Insurance, Wren + Willow, and many more are taking part. Their kindness makes trick-or-treating a fun time for everyone, and it’s part of the community spirit that makes Rockwall a great place to live and celebrate.

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In the spirit of giving back to the community, businesses that aren’t based downtown are also helping by putting up cars, tents, and tables full of treats in certain places to make sure that no bucket or bag goes home empty. Don’t worry if you don’t have anything with you; the Information Booth in San Jacinto Plaza will have bags and buckets for collecting candy.

As the event nears, we want to show our appreciation to all the companies and groups that helped make this year’s Scare on the Square possible. Their participation and support make this beloved Rockwall custom possible, making the event safe, fun, and festive for everyone who goes.

People in the area and people who are just visiting Rockwall should mark their calendars and get their costumes ready for what looks like it will be a magical afternoon full of Halloween fun. Scare on the Square 2023 promises to be another memorable event that brings people together and celebrates the fact that Rockwall is a community that not only lives together but also rejoices together.

Before this event on Saturday, the Rockwall Police Department will host DEA National Takeback Day event where people can safely get rid off unwanted medication. If you know someone, let them know about this initiative.

Sarah Rodriguez

At Rockwall News, Sarah leads the news desk, overseeing every piece that is published. Leveraging her prior experience, she assists others in articulating their stories clearly.

Sarah Rodriguezhttps://rockwall.news
At Rockwall News, Sarah leads the news desk, overseeing every piece that is published. Leveraging her prior experience, she assists others in articulating their stories clearly.


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