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UPDATED: Interstate 30 in Rockwall County closed due to shooting, investigation underway

Update Nov. 2: Local authorities, including the Collin County Sheriff’s Office, have released more details about the shooting incident confirming that large amount of cocaine was seized. They have now also released the identity of the suspect that was shot to death. This is Collin County Sheriff’s Office press release:

Deputies from the North Texas Sheriff’s Criminal Interdiction Unit (NTXCIU) and agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) conducted a joint operation on Wednesday afternoon, November 1, 2023.

Deputies from NTXCIU initiated a vehicle stop on Interstate 30, suspecting the driver, identified as 36-year-old Rudy Chavira, of carrying a substantial quantity of narcotics. When deputies attempted to stop the vehicle, Chavira, the sole occupant, fled, leading to a vehicle pursuit.

The pursuit continued westbound on I-30, and as they approached the Dalrock Rd area in Rowlett, Texas, they encountered heavy traffic conditions. The situation escalated when Chavira came to a stop. As deputies approached the vehicle, he opened fire on them, prompting a defensive response. In the exchange of gunfire, Chavira sustained injuries and was later pronounced deceased at a local hospital. There were no other reports of injuries.
Following the incident, a search of Chavira’s vehicle revealed approximately 12 kilos of cocaine, emphasizing the significance of the situation and the importance of the joint operation between NTXCIU and DEA.

The Texas Rangers were called to the scene to investigate the incident. NTXCIU is fully cooperating with their ongoing investigation to ensure a thorough and impartial inquiry into the events that transpired.

Collin County Sheriff Jim Skinner expressed his appreciation for the professionalism and bravery of the deputy sheriffs, stating, “They stand on the frontlines, facing the tsunami of deadly drugs and ruthless criminals pouring into our neighborhoods from the open southern border. Our deputies are committed to making whatever sacrifices are needed to safeguard the communities they serve, all while navigating the constant and inherent dangers of their mission. I am grateful for their selflessness.”

Sheriff Terry Garrett of Rockwall County added, “These deputies perform a very dangerous job on a daily basis to protect our citizens. We must continue to hold a strong line against the flow of illegal narcotics that continue to take the lives of Americans on a daily basis. The partnerships between our agencies and citizens must remain strong to stem the tide. We are thankful for these deputies and their willingness to protect against this evil.”
This investigation remains active and ongoing, and no further details will be released at this time. The Texas Rangers will be the point of contact for media inquiries regarding this shooting incident.


The North Texas Sheriff’s Criminal Interdiction Unit (NTXCIU) is a multi-jurisdictional team of specially trained deputies from Collin, Grayson, Hunt, Parker, Rockwall, Smith, Tarrant, and Wise County Sheriff’s Offices. Their mission is to combat the flow of illicit narcotics and human trafficking into North Texas. Formal operations began in December 2017.

UPDATE Nov. 2: In a subsequent statement released to the public, Rockwall County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the suspect injured in the shootout was pronounced dead shortly after they were admitted to a local hospital. No deputies were injured in shooting incident.

Rockwall News team will continue to follow and update the story as it develops. Stay with us!

Previous report:

Rockwall, Texas – A police chase on Interstate 30 in Rockwall County turned into a shooting scene Wednesday afternoon, causing major traffic delays. The Rockwall County Sheriff’s Office said their deputies chased a suspect in an SUV which ended near Dalrock Road, where shots were fired.

One person shot in Rockwall and transferred to hospital

The driver of the SUV was shot during the incident and was taken to the hospital. The condition of the driver is not known yet. No deputies were hurt in the shooting incident, according to the statement issued by Rockwall authorities.

There were a lot of bullet holes in the SUV’s windshield and sides, but it’s not clear if all of them were fired by the cops. The facts of what led to the chase and shooting are have not been discolored yet.

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The Texas Rangers are now looking into what happened and they will continue the investigation into the shooting incident. In most of the officer involved shooting cases this is the regular procedure.

Westbound lanes of I-30 have been closed near Dalrock Road

Because of the high-speed chase and shooting, the westbound lanes of I-30 have been closed near Dalrock Road since Wednesday evening. The lanes are closed, and it’s not clear when they will open up again. Drivers are advised to avoid the area in the hours to come and use alternative routes.

The police are still looking into the incident and are asking anyone who knows anything about it to come forward.

This is the initial press release from the Rockwall County Sheriff’s Office:

Deputies with the Rockwall County Sheriff’s Office were involved is a vehicle pursuit that ended at westbound IH30 just west of Dalrock Rd. Deputies were subsequently involved in a shooting with the lone suspect, resulting in injuries to the suspect and no injuries to deputies. Detectives are on scene and the Texas Rangers are in route. Any further media inquiries should be direct to the Texas Rangers.

We will continue to monitor the investigation and update the article as soon as more information are released.

Stay with Rockwall News.

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Enoch is a senior writer with a dedication and commitment to covering all types of news in Rockwall. From breaking news to community events and crime investigations, Enoch provides valuable insight through his coverage.

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Enoch is a senior writer with a dedication and commitment to covering all types of news in Rockwall. From breaking news to community events and crime investigations, Enoch provides valuable insight through his coverage.


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