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Rockwall’s favorite restaurant set to reopen Friday

Rockwall, Texas – The heart of Rockwall is set to welcome the relaunch of a local favorite. The Culpepper Cattle Co., an iconic restaurant with deep roots in the community, is reopening on Friday, September 29. This latest version is brought to life by UNCO, the mastermind hospitality company behind other popular DFW concepts like HG Sply Co., Leela’s Wine Bar, and HERO by HG Sply Co.

Elias Pope, Co-CEO of UNCO, has a deep personal connection with Culpepper. He said, “Having grown up near Culpepper and now living in Heath, I have many childhood memories eating there with my family. I even took my prom date, my now wife, there 25 years ago for dinner. I couldn’t bear to see it close after all those great memories over the years. It posed an exciting opportunity to take an already iconic restaurant and infuse it with our passion for hospitality.”

Michael “Dobber” Stephenson opened the original Culpepper Steakhouse in 1982. The venue quickly became a magnet for the local community and even attracted country music legends like Waylon Jennings and Randy Travis. Bob L. Clements took over in 1992, further refining the experience with gourmet offerings. By 2023, UNCO took charge of Culpepper, dubbing their version the Culpepper Cattle Co. (C3).

Savoring the past, embracing the present

Culpepper Cattle Co. will still have the essence of what was already magical about the place – the airplane embedded in the wall, the museum-style animals, the river rock lodge inspired fireplaces and columns throughout,” Pope elaborated, “It’s more than just a restaurant; this place is a tribute to timeless memories, authentic flavors, and the true spirit of Texas.” If you want to discover more opportunities and try different kinds of food in Rockwall, check our Restaurants in Rockwall guide.

The relaunched Rockwall restaurant will serve unique food

Chef Danyele McPherson has designed a menu that captures the essence of Texas. From Fried Green Tomatoes with charred poblano ranch to the hearty Sizzlin’ Fajitas and the signature Culpepper Classic, every dish promises a flavorful journey. The beverage offerings are equally alluring, focusing on quality tequila. Pope proudly shares, “We do margaritas the way we enjoyed them in aguas; made with amazing tequila, fresh lime juice and sweetened with a splash of OJ.” Margaritas like the Muchacho Grande and Avo-Suave, martinis such as The Cowboy Cosmo, and signature cocktails like the Rockwall Riviera ensure that there’s something for every palate.

The venue itself offers an expansive space, blending history and modernity. With seating for 420 in an 11,000 square foot dining room and an additional 450 on a 20,000 square foot patio, guests have plenty of choices. Three unique indoor bars – “The Beatle Bar”, “Rattlesnake Bar”, and “Founders Bar”, each with its own story, beckon visitors. An outdoor bar, “Muchacho Grande”, caters to those preferring the open air.

Another exciting feature is the “Legendary Locker” program. Members can have their own personalized liquor lockers prominently displayed in the restaurant. These “locker legends” will enjoy numerous perks including special member-only events and access to rare spirits.

UNCO has tastefully revamped the interiors while respecting its rich history. Warm amber chandeliers, authentic Mexican blankets, white stucco walls, and 12 “marker plaques” are some of the additions that allow guests to explore the venue like a museum.

In Pope’s words, “Up to this point, UNCO has only done new concepts. This is our first time purchasing something with such a storied history. We welcome the community to Culpepper Cattle Co., where you’re always in good company.”

Concluding on a high note, Culpepper Cattle Co. will be serving dinner from Monday to Friday and a full spread of Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner on weekends. So whether you’re a long-time local or a first-time visitor, Culpepper Cattle Co. promises an experience that will stay with you long after the meal is over.

Sarah Rodriguez

At Rockwall News, Sarah leads the news desk, overseeing every piece that is published. Leveraging her prior experience, she assists others in articulating their stories clearly.

Sarah Rodriguezhttps://rockwall.news
At Rockwall News, Sarah leads the news desk, overseeing every piece that is published. Leveraging her prior experience, she assists others in articulating their stories clearly.


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