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OPINION: Is Rockwall nice place to live? Pros and cons of living in Rockwall.

Written by Mitch Spatch for Rockwall News - all views are author's own

Rockwall, Texas – Rockwall is located in North Texas less than 30 miles from Dallas downtown. Just like any other city, there are pros and cons of living in Rockwall. I’ve moved to Rockwall more than 10 years ago and things have since changed a lot. And people still ask me: Is Rockwall nice place to live? Since I moved in Rockwall, almost everything I loved changed to better or worse and I have mixed feelings now. There is no simple “yes” or “no” answer, but I will try to explain what is good and what is not about living in this charming, little city.

Rockwall sits in Rockwall County, the smallest county in Texas, which is part of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. According to the U.S. Census Bureau data from 2021, Rockwall’s population is 49,669, up from 45,888 in 2019. But if you live in Rockwall, you would think that Rockwall’s population is at least double of what the official numbers show.

Pros and cons of living in Rockwall

In the last decade, Rockwall has changed a lot. I’ve been living here for more than 10 years, and nothing seems to be the same compared to when I first came here. Some things have improved, but some things have gotten worse. I would explain in detail the most important.

Pros of living in Rockwall

Firstly, Rockwall is a small city, and that is very important to most people. Being out of the big-city urban jungle in general means a slower life and less crime, among other benefits. And the proximity of Dallas means that you always have options for everything you can’t find in Rockwall. These are the pros of living in Rockwall:

Community and Social Life

Friendly and Supportive Community

As a small town, Rockwall has one of the best communities in North Texas. The sense of community and social life in Rockwall is something that most local residents will agree with. And I will too. In general, people in Rockwall are friendly, welcoming, and supportive of each other. And this hasn’t changed in recent years, even though the city is expanding and growing in every direction and the population continues its rising trend. Somehow, Rockwall still maintains that small-town feeling.

Events, music, summer nights

The City of Rockwall shows its real face to the world in the summer and this is definitely best period to visit Rockwall. While there are plenty of events through the year, most of them take place in the summer. In Rockwall, you can attend different event almost every day of the week including workdays.

These summer events attract lot of locals, but also visitors from other North Texas cities. Many of these events take place in the historic downtown area including the popular ones like the Rockwall Farmers’ Market, the Concert by the Lake series, and the Hometown Christmas party. Another popular venue for events in Rockwall is The Harbor. This popular venue hosts lots of events during the year including concerts, festivals, and fireworks.

Local Amenities and Recreation

Recreation by the Rockwall Lake (Lake Ray Hubbard)

The Rockwall Lake is something I find most beneficial about living in Rockwall. And thousands of others too. Water is positive energy, and Rockwall Lake, also known as Lake Ray Hubbard, is not an exclusion. It’s not about the stunning views and the walks by the lake; it’s about everything the lake provides in terms of recreation and activities.

Rockwall residents can enjoy boating, fishing, kayaking, sailing, water skiing, and jet skiing on the lake, or relax on the sandy beaches and picnic areas. The lake also provides a scenic backdrop for many homes and businesses in Rockwall and enhances the quality of life for many residents.

Parks in Rockwall

Should I really talk about the parks in Rockwall? There are many of them, different in size and what they have to offer, but you can easily get to any of them because they are all located nearby.

Some of the most popular parks in Rockwall are Yellowjacket Park, Hickory Ridge Park, Emerald Bay Park, Shores Park, The Park at Stone Creek, Harry Myers Park, and Pettinger Nature Preserve Park. Pettinger Nature Preserve Park is my favorite, as it makes me feel like I’m on a mountain.

Abundance of Retail Stores and Restaurants

Rockwall has everything you need when it comes to shopping and dining. There are so many stores and restaurants to choose from, and they are all close by. You can find anything you want, from big-name brands to local gems. Rockwall has a lot of options and diversity, and it’s very convenient.

Education and family life

Schools and Education in Rockwall

The quality of education makes Rockwall one of the most popular destinations for families to move to. There are a total of 19 schools under the Rockwall Independent School District:

  • 13 elementary schools
  • 3 middle schools
  • 2 high schools
  • 1 Alternative Education Center

The Texas Education Agency gave the Rockwall Independent School District an A rating, putting it in the top 10% of school systems in the state for academic excellence.

Rockwall Independent School District also gives kids a lot of different programs and chances, like advanced placement, dual credit, gifted and talented, special education, career and technical education, fine arts, sports, and activities outside of school.

Low crime rate and safe neighborhoods

The crime rate in Rockwall is very low, and people who live there are very happy with how the Rockwall Police Department does their jobs. While Rockwall residents are generally happy with the quick and effective services by the police and fire departments, Rockwall is quiet city with low crime rates.

The city of Rockwall also has different neighborhoods – from older and more conservative to new and fancy – everyone can explore their options and find the perfect fit for them. What makes Rockwall neighborhoods special is people living in them who are helpful and supportive to each other. Many neighborhoods in Rockwall organize their own events, parties, and groups that help people meet each other and work together.

Rockwall economy

Employment opportunities and remote working

The city of Rockwall has developed a local economy and low unemployment rates following the state’s trends and numbers. Because the city continues to grow, so does the economy. The Rockwall Economic Development Corporation, the Rockwall Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Rockwall Technology Park are some of the groups that help bring in small businesses, entrepreneurs, and companies.

While the city offers many opportunities for employment, living in Rockwall as a remote worker seems to be becoming a more popular option for a growing number of people. Rockwall is an ideal location for remote workers, who can enjoy the benefits of living in a small city while having access to the resources and opportunities of a large metroplex. Rockwall is close to Dallas, which is one of the largest and most dynamic cities in the U.S. and a hub for industries such as technology, finance, energy, and entertainment.

Supporting small local businesses

Several neighborhood organizations in Rockwall support those who want to start their own business and aid in their growth. The Rockwall Economic Development Corporation, the Rockwall Area Chamber of Commerce, the Rockwall Small Business Excellence Awards, and the Rockwall Shop Local Campaign offer various kinds of programs supporting local business owners, adding additional value to what these businesses are doing.

Although starting a business has been difficult in the last two years, these organizations make the whole process easier since local businesses have a huge contribution to the community and local economy.

Cons of living in Rockwall

Just like any other city, there are some negative things about living in Rockwall. The expansion of the city in recent years has made Rockwall an expensive city to live in. This also has a negative impact on the general quality of life, especially when it comes to traffic.

Traffic and Transportation


The traffic in Rockwall is bad. Like, really bad. This is something that bothers literally every Rockwall resident, regardless of where they work or how often they commute. For remote workers who work from home and don’t travel every morning and afternoon during the peak hours, the traffic might not seem like a huge problem, but for everyone else, the traffic in Rockwall is a nightmare.

The city of Rockwall is situated along Interstate 30, one of the busiest and most congested highways that connects Rockwall with the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. Spending an hour on I-30 during peak hours has become a normal thing, while frequent accidents make things much worse, sometimes forcing drivers to remain stuck in traffic for hours. Recently, a police chase that resulted in a shooting closed a portion of I-30 for hours, leaving drivers stranded in their vehicles.

Every Rockwall resident will tell you that the traffic is probably the worst thing about living in Rockwall. Everyone is now asking for huge infrastructure developments and improvements, but local authorities fail to follow the city’s growth, at least for now. The only way to reduce the risk of getting stuck in traffic every day is to work from home or work in Rockwall and avoid I-30.

Lack of public transportation

One of the main reasons for the traffic problem is limited public transportation options, so Rockwall residents have no options left but to use their own vehicles to commute. Getting around the city or surrounding areas is almost impossible if you don’t have your own car. Rockwall needs serious development of a public transportation network, as that can hopefully be the first step in reducing traffic in and around the city.

Furthermore, bike lanes and sidewalks are almost nonexistent in Rockwall. This makes the city not very walkable or bikeable, further reducing the transportation options for Rockwall residents.

Cost of living and the housing market

Cost of living in Rockwall has skyrocketed in recent years

Living in Rockwall has become very expensive in recent years, as the city has become one of the most expensive cities in Texas for living. Rockwall was once considered an affordable city to live in because it offered that small-town charm while being close to large cities like Dallas. However, that has changed because Rockwall has become increasingly popular among newcomers, disrupting the housing market.

Rockwall housing market and property taxes

The large influx of people has had a big impact on the housing market, which has made life in Rockwall even more expensive. Prices are much higher than the average for the North Texas area because there aren’t many houses for sale and while the demand for houses remains very high. A lot of people complain that the high prices of housing, utilities, and other things really hurt their budget. This is because Rockwall is getting more and more expensive for more and more people.

Earlier this year, the City of Rockwall chose to lower property taxes. As a result, Rockwall residents now have the lowest property tax rates in history. This step won’t help much, no matter how good it sounds, because property taxes are still high because home prices are going up every year.

Limited diversity, nightlife, entertainment

Limited diversity in Rockwall

Rockwall has a predominantly white and conservative population, and this heavily reflects on its life in every aspect, from dining to entertainment options. Minorities usually complain about not diversifying.

Entertainment and Culture

While there are plenty of restaurants in Rockwall considering the city’s size, what Rockwall restaurants offer seems repetitive and not very exciting. Rockwall lacks ethnic and international restaurants, and the existing ones are not very authentic or flavorful.

Cultural activities are almost nonexistent in Rockwall because there aren’t many museums, theaters, or art galleries. With its constant growth, it’s more than evident that Rockwall needs to diversify its entertainment options and make it livelier and more enjoyable.


If you got here, you have already acknowledged that Rockwall is the best fit for families. Since there are no universities, Rockwall’s nightlife is not really exciting, and there are not many options here.

General concerns, weather, social dynamics


Rockwall is located in the Tornado Alley, which is a region that experiences frequent and severe tornadoes. This is a huge concern for many. This is something that should be taken into consideration before making your final decision to move to Rockwall.

Another thing of concern is frequent rain. Rockwall has high temperatures and precipitation, resulting in a hot and humid climate. This creates other problems: frequent storms, hail, and lightning. This can be very disruptive and inconvenient.

Social Dynamics

Because Rockwall has been and still is more expensive compared to most other Texas cities, it has a reputation of being a wealthy and snobby city, which reflects in its social and political atmosphere. While most Rockwall residents probably don’t bother with this perception, some might find it very annoying and irritating.

Since most of the Rockwall population is white, conservative, and religious, Rockwall residents might be very intolerant and judgmental of different views and beliefs.

Subjective opinion

Pros of Living in Rockwall

Although the city has lost a lot of its charm since I moved here, Rockwall still has a lot to offer everyone and there are plenty of things to do in Rockwall, especially families. The Rockwall education system is great, and the area is perfect for raising children. There are enough restaurant options per my personal standards, and the proximity to Dallas makes things easier whenever I want to try something new or pursue a different dining experience.

Rockwall also has a lot to offer when it comes to activities and relaxation. Life in Rockwall is generally calm and slower compared to other North Texas cities. Plus, the Rockwall Lake, the parks, and the playgrounds in and around Rockwall give plenty of options for outdoor activities and relaxation with friends and family.

Cons of Living in Rockwall

Local and state authorities should focus on improving the road and public transport infrastructure because the traffic in Rockwall is a nightmare. This is the single largest problem all local residents face every day of the week, including weekends. This should be a top priority for current and future leaders.

The low supply of houses and ever-growing demand for homes make the city of Rockwall unaffordable, but housing prices have skyrocketed everywhere.

The weather is not the best, and many say that Rockwall needs more places to go out, but I’m not concerned with all of that because the city has to offer enough per my liking.

The city of Rockwall has reshaped since I moved here, but in general, I like living here.

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